Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2008

Thanx from Genpo Roshi

It has been a great pleasure to be here in Germany on tour introducing the Big Mind/Big Heart experience to all of you. The reception that I have recieved from the German people has been just tremendous. Hundreds of people have been attending the workshops and have demonstrated a great openness and receptivity to this very western approach to the awakening to their true nature. People tell me that in just three hours they have the tools now to transorm their lives. That they experience an empowerment that allows them to be more intimate with themselves and others. While being in the Big Mind experience to be free from fear and to know their meaning and purpose in this life. The participants response has been overwhelmingly wonderful and very emotional for me. I appreciate very much being here after teaching a more traditional Zen here inGermany since 1983. Thank you so very much.



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