Freitag, 16. Mai 2008

End of the tour - not the end of the journey

I was surprised to find a little chunk of heaven just a few meters off a main road in Mettlach-Tunsdorf - complete with woods, a lake, a stream and a waterfall. Old, beautifully restored buildings had modern aspects while evoking almost-medieval feelings of monastic, mystical energy.

I got to do an evening lecture for a group whose youngest member was Frau Massa's five-month-old daughter. Next day we did a day-long seminar. A measure of the beauty of the European soul was that our cook, Lutz, was a transpersonal chef who had spent a year in Malibu, California; our translator (Dr. Christian Hackbarth-Johnson) was a deeply mystical man equally at home in the Christian, Zen and Yogic traditions; while Lydie came from Luxemborg and Maria from the Tyrol to attend both the evening lecture and next day's seminar.

My overall impression of Germany was of a land filled with many beautiful forests, fertile soil, loving people and eager seekers after Spirit. The hospitality and generosity and smiling faces made me feel that I was among my own - from the gigantic Jonathan and his monster sahara-crossing truck to the gentle, constantly laughing, excommunicated Hare Krishna monk, Krishnachandra; and from the smiling "sunhealers," Noemi and Romeo to the near-Gypsy Seismoril of Villa Schaaffhausen; and from dear Dirk who was so patient with my Irish accent and long, complicated mathematical formulas to Hans Swantee who hosted us at his own home on the very first night of the trip; and from the irrepressible humor of Muller and Bjorn to the serenity of Rainer, the innocence of Anika, the healing hands of Katharina.

May God continue to hold every one of you tenderly in the hollow of Her hand.

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